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Bella Vida on Broadway in Cape May, NJ

Bella Vida News (Cape May)


While Alan's awesome dinners will resume in the spring, he continues to exercise his unique culinary skills this winter! Visit him in Cape May Court House on Main Street at his New Pizza place, Molinos!

Well 2010 has been a "Hallmark" year to remember! Christopher and Chris first took their "guys" trip to Costa Rica to surf (of course) but to also check out once again the awesome Costa Rican food... Hmmm wonder what may show up on the menu this summer!

But that was NOT the Hallmark trip! That took place on the Island of Kauii when my daughter Christina, husband, Jim, Trae (now 3) and Britton (1) our daughter Melissa & Kayden (now 7, can you believe it?) my husband Chris and I witnessed "The Plunge" YUP Christopher and Margaret took the deep plunge with the beautiful turquoise ocean, white sand beach and majestic mountains in the background! You guessed it! They said "I DO".


The most obvious NEWS this summer is our awesome paint job! Stop by and let us know how you like it! Also "new" is our gluten free flapjacks- No, you won't find them on the menu for a very good reason. We would never want to compromise anyone's health and as our kitchen is not "gluten free" we are only able to cook them during down times when we can be sure to give them our very best attention. That being said, if you have a gluten allery please ask and we will do our very best to accomodate you!

Also new for the summer of 2010 is Alan's "family style" salad. You will have to try it at dinner, if for no other reason than to try his new secret salad dressing!

We are excited that another season is upon us because it always brings with it old friends and the opportunity to make new ones!

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